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An Innovative Place

Place matters. And each Educare is designed to send a clear message that early learning is a worthy investment. Most Educares – like the two in Omaha – also are built adjacent to an elementary school to underscore that children are learning from their earliest weeks, months and years.

Spaces inside and outside each Educare encourage interactive learning so teachers and children can read together, act out stories, create artwork, practice counting, and even conduct simple learning experiments.

Significant space also is devoted to family-related activties, including one-on-one counseling and support groups for mothers, fathers and grandparents.

Each Educare also offers computers to facilitate parents’ efforts in job hunting or in researching elementary schools their children will eventually attend.
In Omaha

We have two locations in Omaha—Educare of Omaha at Kellom Elementary School and at Indian Hill Elementary School. Both Educare schools in Omaha, like most of the Educares now operating across the country, were designed by RDG Planning & Design, an Omaha-based firm, which has carried forward learning from each newly built school to the next Educare that follows.

View photos of Omaha's two schools.



Educare of Omaha at
Kellom Elementary


Educare of Omaha at
Indian Hill Elementary

A National Network

The Educare Learning Network is growing. Here is a list of current Educare Schools:



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