About Educare








Educare is....

An innovative Partnership between the public and private sectors to create a more efficient, more effective early learning program. A research-based Program that prepares vulnerable, young children for school. A specially designed Place that nurtures early learning and sends a bold message about the value of investing in the first five years. And a compelling Platform to drive change among policymakers, business leaders and early childhood providers by demonstrating what quality early learning looks like.



Educare: Catalyst for Change

Educare prepares young, at-risk children for school and helps parents become champions for their child's education. Educare also drives policy change by showing decision-makers what quality early-learning looks like.

The Educare Network

Our coast-to-coast network involves hundreds of leading early childhood providers, philanthropists, school officials, parents, researchers and other key stakeholders in 20 communities across America.

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